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Yoga & coaching by Debby Ixchel


You are more than ready to unleash your inner goddess and crave making an impact on the world. Your dreams are coming closer to being a reality and before you know, you’ll be doing yoga on a deck overlooking the jungle.

Hey beautiful! I know why you’re here. You know you were born for bigger things. Your spiritual awakening has only just begun and you’d love to see what else it could bring to you. That might be quitting your oh so boring 9-to-5, jetsetting around the world passing winter in the tropics or feeling confident enough to go on a month long yoga or silent retreat.

You want to transform into a more conscious life, traveling the world boho style eating organic produce. You want to feel grounded and yet at the same time feel you have wings to fly. That’s where yoga comes in.

You see lots of women digging their goals and pursuing their dreams, but you keep telling yourself that that is just not for you.

Somewhere deep down you know you’re just afraid of your own greatness and that you are ready to shine. You’ve got your dreams crystal clear and you do not see the how yet, but you’re so done with your mediocre and boring life. You’ve made the decision to step up for yourself and stop playing small and safe.

Thinking of where you want to be still freaks you out, but you’re eager for change and you know you are meant to keep growing. This would be the first and most logical step to take, and it feels like you are about to quantum leap.

I just want to tell you: YOU ROCK!

Everything begins with just a thought. Now it’s time for action.

Hey beautiful soul! I’m Debby Ixchel, authenticity & freedom coach and yoga teacher for soulful conscious women who work a 9 to 5 job and want to raise their energy flow and master their money so that they can discover their special powers and live their dream and quit their job to go travel.

Life feels totally unfulfilled right now. Maybe you feel uninspired and exhausted. Maybe you’re surrounded by naysayers who keep telling you to be normal and play safe.

My dear, you’re not crazy or stupid. You have the power to transform your life completely.

What do I know? I’ve been there too. Working 9 to 5, depression, exhaustion, addiction, abuse, all the feels. I was literally sick of all the stress which led to the early birth of my daughter to who I am a single mom, and it took me months to heal my body and mind.

I took responsibility for my success and decided to rise, and she has been my biggest inspiration. My yoga practice has been my saviour. In less than 5 months I built my business feeling better and bigger than ever.

Honor the struggle and embrace the joy of being the master of your own life. You are right where you need to be, even if you cannot see that right now.


  • Find clarity and confidence to step out of your current life and become an authentic goddess
  • Money consciousness to save money and go travel to explore other cultures and grow seeing the world from another perspective
  • Have a consistent spiritual practice to help you ground and set boundaries
  • Rise above all the naysayers and give them a big smile
  • Feel supported by many empowered, conscious and soulful women


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