Are you that girl who always believed life has got more in store for you? That your dreams and goals are not too big or too much? You are looking for authentic freedom.

But do you also feel that you cannot really connect with others? That nobody understands what you’ve been through? That people find you too sensitive? That you like to do things right for everyone, and forget about yourself in the meantime? Do you find it hard to stay positive, even though you know that pain is needed in order to grow?

My darling, you’re at the right place. You have been fighting so much, it’s time for you to show the world who you really are. You deserve a life that you love feeling bountiful, blissful and in peace.

I will take you by the hand and make sure you feel confident about yourself, trusting the world and the universe. I am also here to give you a well-deserved kick under your ass with all of my love when you need it. I can not do it for you, but I can do it with you.

I invite you to step on the mat. Allowing yourself to just be, and stretch yourself, with me.


My road to happiness came with a lot of bumps, but thanks to yoga I learned to love myself and to take good care of me.

Behind my radiant smile, there’s a little girl afraid to express herself, fearing all the judgment about following her heart. On my eighteenth, I chose another path: after high school I spent a year living in Spain with a Spanish family to learn Spanish. My love for languages has always been intriguing.

Then I got back to normal, the end of an era, it was my time to study. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Romance languages and cultures, and next my Master’s Degree of Linguistics in Intercultural Communication. That’s it, I thought I was now fully prepped for adult life with an awesome job. That job never came, and my yearly winter depression was coming for me again. A girlfriend recommended me to go to Bikram Yoga with her, it would help me feel better.

Next, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and travel to Central America in 2014. Instead of the planned 3 months, I stayed 11 months away from my home country. It is so wonderful to see what happens with your energy level when you follow your intuition: everything started flowing and I was in full bloom. I felt the freedom I had craved so much.

During my trip, I really got in touch with yoga. One week I’d have a session on the beach, then another week overlooking the waking jungle of an enchanting volcanic lake, but I’d also do yoga sessions with children of the slums on a volunteer project.

I found answers in yoga and felt more and more comfortable being the person that I am. After a long time of dissatisfaction about myself, a light began to shine again. Without those low lows, I could not feel such high highs. The high sensitivity was just a gift. I hadn’t been able to find a connection for so long. At last I had found my salvation. Yoga has given me more confidence in myself and in my path of life.

When I found a book on a remote island in the Caribbean about the yoga philosophy, I found that such a magic signal from the universe! Exactly when yoga had started to play a permanent role in my life, and I was looking for more balance and peace. This “manual” led me to deepen into a more conscious life.

I had to go back to the Netherlands again. Apparently, I still had to learn some lessons to go and live my dream, but I enjoyed it being there and getting a taste of what freedom looks like. Upon returning, I decided to completely change my life and follow the path of consciousness that had unfolded itself so gently for me. I did a 10 day Vipassana meditation course in noble silence to dig even deeper. In 2015, I started the 3 year yoga teacher training to become a dynamic Hatha yoga teacher.


The butterfly is my spirit animal, just so you know. That’s what my mother has been calling me for years now. Freedom is my highest good. In addition to that, the butterfly also stands for powerful transformations, renewal and rebirth, playfulness, ascension from earthly things to spirituality and the world of the soul. Are you ready for the mountain of shit that I had to go through?

At the beginning of my yoga study, I got pregnant, and was planning to emigrate to Nicaragua to live happily ever after. But suddenly everything went a lot different than expected. It was soon very clear that I was going to be a single mom. On top of that, I was thrown into the deepen with the premature birth of my daughter because of the life-threatening HELLP syndrome. I’m so glad that we didn’t go to Nicaragua, we would not have survived that.

My daughter and I were almost killed by this assassin. For months, I have been depressed and extremely tired, but I knew that I needed this misery to get stronger and rise. And it’s been worth it! If I had to do it again, I would go through it again. I’ve grown so much.

After the complete reboot of last year, I feel stronger than ever before and this butterfly is ready to spread her wings again. With the help of my coaches, I made a successful start with my yoga and coaching company.

Like a butterfly who rebirths from her cocoon, and with her wings defeats the silence of the sky. As a phoenix resurrected from the ashes, which now flies on elegantly. As a lotus flower that grew through the mud toward the light.


Along the road, I’ve lost a few people whom I cared about a lot. That’s the thing with transformation. Determination puts something new on your path, which means that you have to let go of the old. People who do not believe in you, or in what you want to accomplish. That’s not easy, and sometimes comes with a bit of drama.

But I am completely honest in that there is a life full of love and abundance for all, if you surround yourself with the right people who send out the right vibes to you. And of course there will be times when you don’t feel good, but knowingly that it is necessary for change. Taking continuous inspired action is key. Let yourself be led in openness and vulnerability, see it as an adventure. Without failure there’s no such thing as success!

You will feel better eventually, good times are coming your way, it’s not the end of the world. Change is growth. With the right affirmations you can manifest the life of your dreams. Make sure you have a reason every day for to wake up for.

Thanks to my coaches, I know my own value and am able to be visible without shame. My talents and qualities are as valuable as a freshly charged gemstone under the moon holding centuries of life energy and wisdom! Occasionally, a little bright lipstick can not be harmful either. Treat yourself to a party every day.


I am not afraid anymore to stand in my own light to shine, despite my fear of being seen or heard, for criticism of being too much or wanting too much in life. I am here to just be, unless the fact that my emotional life is like a loose canon.

If I’ve learned anything at all, it’s o true that we already have everything inside of us and are all perfect from the day we were born. Being aware and conscious can bring you beyond your dreams.

Thus, I completely changed my mindset about earning money being a single mom and becoming an entrepeneur. This is just the beginning.


We women are moon beings. Like the moon, we change from light to dark. That dark side is always hidden in us, though you can not see that with the bare eye. We must embrace that. We radiate power. We provide ebb and flood, high waves of emotions. We have a strong intuition that we sometimes deny too much in our reasoning society.

The moon is inside of us: your menstruation is also called moon time, which lasts for as long as a full moon cycle..We carry the seed of life in our wombs, all people are born from us. That line of connection makes us powerful and vulnerable at the same time. And just like the moon, we have to pull ourselves back for a while sometimes. Then we’ll be as powerful as ever shining in the sky. Can you feel it?

Together we are strong. Together in Luna Circle we are safe, in vulnerability and in power. This community is not about me but about you. My beautiful daughter Luna makes this circle round. She is the one who gave me the courage, strength and wings to stand for myself.


I have always followed my passion and also want to help others live their lives in full force and passion through yoga and coaching. By awareness, we can break through barriers that you have imposed on yourself or those who have been put on you by life. This way we can live by intention and intuition. It’s time to shine, and you are the moon!

Do you also want to overcome your fears and listen to yourself in full confidence and authenticity? Experience freedom, save money and, as little as possible, be influenced by how it should be according to society? Do you want to find out your strengths and gain clarity and a strategy for saving money and taking actual steps toward your goals?

Come and step on the mat. You do not have to wait for years, you can do that right now! An investment in my yoga classes and freedom & authenticity coaching is an investment in yourself.

No need to be flexible, that’s a logical consequence – physically, but also mentally! I’m here for you to give you that kick under your goddess ass!